– Is it a Scam? Payment Status: NOT PAYING


Open for business on August 18, 2018, is now open for business paying 10% daily on your Bitcoin deposits.

Right now if you sign up they are giving you a 10% bonus. The minimum that you can invest is 0.001 bitcoin. About $4.00 at the time of this writing.

It looks like a good company. They are mining bitcoins and trade on the most stable markets which minimizes the risk of financial loss and guarantees a stable income.

They are a registered UK company under business ID 10904003. You can see their registry here.

Investment Length

The investment is paid back 10% daily on forever. Or at least that’s what they say. But we know these programs don’t last forever. They normally have a limited lifespan.

For an aggressive and high yield paying program like  they typically last 45 -60 days. So you want to get in as early as possible before they start to lose steam.

So after 30 days I wouldn’t recommend joining but if you join before then you should have time to make your money back and double it. Maybe if we are lucky we can ride this thing out to 60 days or more.

10% Bonus on Your First Deposit

Immediately upon your first


You can use their calculator on their website but I prefer to use a spreadsheet to figure how much I can make.

In 10 days you will make back your initial investment, 20 days you will double and 30 days you will triple it etc.


I initially had planned to put in 0.1 BTC but you can’t just type it in. You have to use a slider function like their calculator above and it goes from 0.001 to  .05717921 to 0.16953764 BTC.

So I chose to make 2 deposits of .05717921 BTC because I did not want to invest 0.16953764 BTC at this time.

UPDATE: (Aug 21, 2017) – Since I wrote this review, they actually made it where you can type in the exact amount that you want to deposit. This is a good sign. This is a sign that they have active web developers working on the site.


At the time of this writing I have not made a with withdrawal yet but I have seen someone do it on video and it is instant.

There is no waiting for it to be approved. It’s all automated. Which is what you want. And it immediately provides a linked transaction ID so that you can monitor it on the blockchain.


Also, it has a real-time BTC counter on your dashboard so that you can see how many satoshis you are making in real time. I like that.


I think this is a legitimate website. It’s unique – not a cookie cutter design and is professionally done. I don’t think that a company that only plans to last a few days to a couple of weeks are going to invest this much time and money into a customized website like this.

So if you get in early enough, at least by September 17th, 2017 you should have enough time to double your money.

Sign up at


Aug 26, 2017 – People are reporting that they are getting this error when they try to make their withdrawel.


Disclaimer:  Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose.