EarningHour.com is a Scam

EarningHour.com is a SCAM!!!

Yes. I should have known better but with dozens of HYIP monitoring websites saying that they are paying and Allhyipmonitors.com saying they are among the Top 10 most stable programs, I was led to believe that they could be trusted. WRONG!

EarningHour.com is a SCAM!!

How Are They Supposed to Work

Well you come to their website and it looks like you can pick among the plans that you feel comfortable investing.

Well, that’s not what you are supposed to do. Don’t you know that? Or else they will suspend your payouts if you don’t start from Plan 1 Level I.

Didn’t you know that it’s very defined in the FAQ section? (I’m being sarcastic). That’s called a “FAQ Violation”.

Say what? What’s that?

Well I only found out when I tried to contact them by their chat feature by someone named “Emma”. Whether it’s a girl or some guy hiding behind a girl’s picture, I do not know.

When I asked about the status of my pending payments they said this in the following chat:

Emma: I just checked. You violated the FAQ rules. So instant withdraw function has been suspended automaticly by system. all plans you must deposit one by one can not be jump, cross, skip
The correct order should be 1st 1.1% hourly for 96 hours 10.00-1000.00 1.1 (Level 1 of Plan I)

”FAQ violation behavior will be resolved by the corresponding Level 2 plan”
Your corresponding Level 2 plan is Level 2 of Plan II( 8% hourly for 48 hours ). You need to make a new deposit for it then you can withdraw immediately

Me: It’s a little confusing. How much do I need to deposit to get right?

Plan I
1.1%-1.45% hourly for 96 hours
Plan Spent Amount hour Profit (%)
1.1% hourly for 96 hours 10.00-1000.00 1.1 (Level 1 of Plan I)
1.45% hourly for 96 hours 1001.00-5000.00 1.45 (Level 2 of Plan I)

Plan II
5%-8% hourly for 48 hours
Plan Spent Amount hour Profit (%)
5% hourly for 48 hours 500.00-3000.00 5.00 (Level 1 of Plan II)
8% hourly for 48 hours 3001.00-30000.00 8.00 (Level 2 of Plan II)

Plan III
18%-24% hourly for 24 hours
Plan Spent Amount hour Profit (%)
18% hourly for 24 hours 5000.00-30000.00 18.00 (Level 1 of Plan III)
24% hourly for 24 hours 30001.00-500000.00 24.00 (Level 2 of Plan III).

you can see this

Me: OK. Thank you for that.
Please tell me plainly, I need to invest $3,000 at Level II, Plan 2 in order for my payout to become unsuspended. Do I understand correctly?

Emma: YES. I assure it for you. Your violated plan is Level 1 of Plan II, so your corresponding Level 2 plan is Level 2 of Plan II( 8% hourly for 48 hours ). You need to make a new deposit for it then you can recover your withdraw function and withdraw immediately.

Me: OK. Thank you.

Emma: You are welcome, after 8% hourly plan starts you can withdraw all balance immediately and the next hour you can withdraw new profit from 8% Hourly plan.

Me: Sounds good.

Emma: Sounds good, actually it is so. We are running according FAQ rules so all are exact and clear.

So Where Does it Say this in the FAQ?

Buried on their FAQ page there is this very unclear allusion to a “FAQ Violation” that “will be resolved by the corresponding Level 2 plan.”

Isn’t that clear to you exactly what a FAQ Violation is? No. It’s very ambiguous at best. But this is their scam and they count on most people just going away.

I mean what are you going to do? It’s a HYIP site and it’s in another country with no rules or regulations because they take cryptocurrencies.

They do take other forms of payment like Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash,  BankWire. But I don’t know what you can do through those payment systems.

What Happens if you Pay their Ransom?

I couldn’t find an answer to this on the internet because the few people that I found on websites reporting whether they are paying out told the above level scam and didn’t try to free their invested money by following their ransom.

In this ransom, they DON’T free your Bitcoin.

Because there are dozens and dozens of monitoring websites about Earning Hour on the internet and 99% of the people on these websites say that they are paying, I felt confident enough to take a risk that if I paid the next level investment, then they would pay me like they said they would.

Why do these websites rank Earning Hour in the top 10 of the most stable programs?

Dozens and dozens of web monitoring sites say that Earning Hour is paying. Why? Are they ALL in on it?

I DID Try to FREE My Bitcoin

So I did try to take them at their word and do what they assured me that they would do. I sent over a Bitcoin payment of $3,000.

Well, the payment went over fine and credited into my account. But their was no more support available. It also, was giving me hourly credit for a couple of hours.

But as soon as I tried to withdraw the balance that was due me, it immiately locked me out of my account and said:

Account has been suspened. If you have any questions, then can ask here.

But support didn’t respond. So I decided to sleep on it, hoping that in the morning, I could contact someone and straighten this out.

So, the morning came and I looked for an email – No email.

I tried logging in – Nope. Still says Suspended.

Tried to contact someone on chat – NOPE.

Now they are pretending no one is there and to leave a message so that someone can get back to you.

Of course now I have this sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach.

So What Can You Do?

Because if I can’t get my money back, then all I can do is warn others to stay away from their site. So if you find this on the internet, you should not trust them.

And like many people say about HYIP sites – you know they aren’t going to stay around forever, so look to see if they are paying, get in early and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Or you can just stay away from HYIP sites completely. That might be the best option if you can’t afford to take any risks.

Update a Few Hours Later

I was finally able to chat with sociopath Emma and this time I took screen shots of the conversation.

So as you can see. They tell you to invest in the next level plan which is always a significant step up in investment every time you violate a “FAQ Rule”.

Even if it sounds like they are saying that as soon as I pay it you will be able to withdraw. But because I did it before the 1st plan expired, that’s another reason to say I violated the FAQ rules.

I have no doubt they will just continue to ask for more money. How all these other HYIP monitor never have any of these problems is astounding.

So ambiguous but if you violate their unclear and arbitrary rules, then that’s reason to hold your money with NO REFUND.


Stay far away from this website even if you are an experienced investor because they can arbitrarily decide to hold steal your money.

I feel like this is one of the dumbest mistakes I have made in my life. At least I can help others from making the same mistake.

If you would like to consider donating for this article and I possibly saved you hundreds of Dollars or more please consider donating.

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2 Replies to “EarningHour.com is a Scam”

  1. You shouldn’t have taken the bait and lost even more money. I know it feels stupid. All these people are the same. They are East Europeans or Russians but they all use Russian and their English is terrible, so they trick people by using UK, US, NZ and AUS to make their websites appear legit but they AREN’T. Most of them have exactly the same payout system.

    Right from the get-go when I was involved in April 2017, I noticed that most of them are scammers. I used the first SCAM (Bitrich.biz) to test them. I deposited $300 and no payment. They assured me that if I deposit another $300, I would get payment and I was a FOOL to believe them but no payment. Then, they tried so hard to get me to make yet another payment of $300 and I told them that they’re crooks, so I challenged them (thinking that I was smart) in the hope that someone might’ve some conscience to release my payments to me and deposited yet another $300, which went away like the rest. They kept coming at me again and again but I was done and walked away. None of them are nice or have any conscience about cheating us.

    When I got started in April, the price of BTC was around $800 and by the time, I got hit real hard on Jun 29, I had invested some $10K (around 8 BTC) over 8 different sites, which were paying very well, so I got greedy and re-invested what I had earned, occasionally withdrawing some, until my total value was above $25K (around 20 BTC) and suddenly, most of them shut down together (except for 3 new sites). I kicked myself really hard, as my net loss was around $6K, but I refused to give up and reasoned that I shouldn’t have re-deposited again and should’ve withdrawn my earnings immediately.

    So, I got back into the game immediately and focused on the 3 new and paying sites, used their earnings to get into more sites, about 12 in all, investing another $3K (maybe more). I avoided all sites that promised more than 3.5% daily and was able to withdraw some $5K (maybe less) before most of them (I think it was around 8 sites) suddenly stopped paying at the same time on July 26. Again, I kicked myself for not following my own oath not to re-invest until I got my capital back. I thought that I was safe, as I had withdrawn around 50% before re-investing (some as low as 30%, like Bitlake, Bitgate. Bitmount, etc), but I was STUPID, STUBBORN and GREEDY.

    I got back on the wagon (I spent 10yrs in the Air Force & we put any pilot that crashed a plane back in the air, if it wasn’t his fault or else, he would never have the guts to fly again) and played it smart. keeping my deposits small, spreading them around, not too many sites (around 6 sites) and used my remaining capital, instead of using fresh funds. I began to really earn profits and as soon as one of them broke even, 4 sites went dark on me on Aug 25 and my capital was down to $2K.

    But I never say die and picked up my boot-straps and got back into the game. Slowly and surely, I got around 5 sites going (including my original 2 left), keeping my deposits small (0.05 BTC to 0.20 BTC), not re-investing and making sure that I withdraw my earnings everyday. I’ve got one or two sites that promised huge returns (10% daily) and I’m hoping that I’ll survive for more than 2 weeks and turn them all into profits. Two of them are paying more than my capital, so I’m encouraged but I’m ashamed to say that my capital is down to 0.46 BTC (or $2K) in total. On the bright side, I’ve earned 88% of that, so I’m hoping to cross 100% within a couple of days (if I survive till then) but I’ve at least avoided putting in fresh capital and using my withdrawals as capital for new sites, which I start at 0.05 BTC.

    To conclude my discourse for today, a few words of advice, viz. avoid sites that promise huge returns and stick to those that pay not more than 4% daily; don’t ever re-invest until you’ve recovered your capital; start small (0.05 BTC at most) and increase only after you’ve earned 120%; always withdraw everyday what you’ve earned and try not to invest them all again; lastly, don’t ever be greedy and hunger for huge returns if you can’t afford to lose it all. Oh yes, most of them are still the same and they’ll go dark on you after paying 3 or 4 days, so expect the worst, if you want to get into this game, like the fool that I am.

    Right now, I’m still down about $3K from my original capital of $10K (maybe slightly more) and I should be able to recover everything within a month or so, if I’m still surviving. I’m getting there, so wish me luck. I won’t give up until I’m able to profit from this stupid BTC game. I used to spend more than 10 hours everyday but now, I only spend an hour or so twice daily.

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